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Home of Rani Arts and Crafts  Apart from manufacturing wooden sculptures and furniture, Rani also excels as a premier dealer of age-old brass and copper artware, wooden and cane furniture, lacquer boxes and trays, clay vases, camphor boxes, tanjore and glass paintings, granite artware and leather artware .
  Rani's collectibles are characterized by genuinely and authenticity. The originality of the items are ensured by rani, so that the purchasers need not worry about the legitimacy of the collectables they are purchasing.
  Rani has been supplying these collector items to avid collectors throughout the world, as well as interior designers and organizations interested in displaying a piece of history, at their premises.
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Latest in Rani - Jan 2001 : (Updated every Month)
   This Month, Rani Introduced two new designs for its corporate customers. Inspired by the recent discoveries in the Harappan valley - these products are called the Indus Range. For details, Click Here

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