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Wooden Sculptures
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C.W. Ganesh seated on Lotus C.W. Ganesh Musicians with assorted Instruments C.W. Ganesh on Lotus - Wall Panel with Arch C.W. Ganesh Wall Panel with Arch C.W. Ganesh with Tabla C.W. Ganeshs - Wall Panels with Arch
C.W. Courtesans - Replicas of Khajuraho Temple Sculpture (Exotic) C.W. Courtesan - Replica of Khajuraho Temple Sculpture C.W. Lady with Mirror -  Oval Top Jolly Work - Vertical Panel C.W. Hamsa Bird C.W. Lady Musicians - Horizontal Jolly Work Panel C.W. Buddha - Horizontal Panel
C.W.Ganesh - Vertical Panel C.W.Masks - Assorted Subjects C.W.Devi & Shiva - Head Sculptures C.W. Sculptures with fitted tiles


Colonial Furniture

T.W.Caned Carved Chairs T.W. Cushioned Carved Settee T.W.Caned Wooden Chairs T.W.Caned Rocking Chair T.W.Chest of Draw with Roll Top T.W.Roll Top Desk
T.W.Demi Lume Console Table T.W.Console Table with Draw T.W. Octagonal Side Table T.W.Caned Round Stool T.W.Round Stool T.W.Oval Dining Table
Satin Wood. Carved Day Bed T.W.Bed with solid head board & Side table T.W.Caned four poster Bed T.W.Flower and Planter stands T.W.Quilt T.W.Corner Stand