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Indian Arts - An Introduction

Home of Rani Arts and Crafts   INDIA - a land with around 5000 years of history and a great cultural heritage that has transcended from a glorious past amidst the crests and troughs of contemporary civilizations.

  Every dynasty, empire, culture and thought - from the Guptas and Maurias to the Mughals and British - that have influenced this land - have left their marks in sands of time… in the form of stone carvings, wooden sculptures, bronze statues and delicate furniture. A tinge of such an ancient glory, always inspires - every human at heart.

  And now… all those ancient artworks & crafts breath to life again - in all their pimp and glory - to adore your Business premises , Offices, Hotels, Theme Parks, Theatres and Homes… RANI ARTS AND CRAFTS !

Indian Arts - An Introduction
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Latest in Rani - Jan 2001 : (Updated every Month)
   This Month, Rani Introduced two new designs for its corporate customers. Inspired by the recent discoveries in the Harappan valley - these products are called the Indus Range. For details, Click Here

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