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Products : Wooden Sculptures and Carvings

Home of Rani Arts and Crafts   Rani has been specializing in recreating ancient south indian traditional artworks as wood carvings and sculpture - with inspiration from ancient hindu and buddhist legends and mythology.The styles and expressions of these sculptures, are drawn heavily from some of the most influential artistic styles of south indian templearchitecture.
  In addition to this, a very special feature of Raniís wooden sculpture is the antique end finish thatís skillfully provided by the artisans - so that the creations donít look afresh, but look several hundred years old ! Many a times, the finish is so realistic, that they rival even ancient masterpieces that are truly aged!
  Rani was the first to introduce this style of wood sculpting in India, 25 years ago and continues to retain its leadership, in this specialized form of artwork.
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Latest in Rani - Jan 2001 : (Updated every Month)
   This Month, Rani Introduced two new designs for its corporate customers. Inspired by the recent discoveries in the Harappan valley - these products are called the Indus Range. For details, Click Here

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