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Temples of Lord Muruga in India Arupadaiveedu - Temples of Lord Muruga in India
Temples of Lord Muruga in India


Welcome to portal dedicated to temples of Lord Muruga - The Hindu God - son of Lord Shiva
Greetings to the devotees of the omnipotent Tamil Deity Lord Muruga!

Lord Karthikeya or Lord Muruga is omnipresent in shape, divinity, content and form everywhere and his innumerable devotees are spread in nations as far and wide as India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, South Africa, USA, Canada and Australia.

In Tamil Nadu as the popular maxim goes, "Wherever there is a mount there is a shrine for lord Muruga".

This Portal dedicated to the devotees of Lord Muruga across the globe. Lord Muruga - called by various favourite names like Karthilkeya, Arumuga, Shanmuga, Guhan, Skanda, Subramanya and Kumara - by his ardent devotees - is a Hindu god. He is considered to be the son of Lord Shiva - the Hindu God of distruction and the brother of Lord Ganesh - the most famous elephant headed god of India.

The portal provides vital information on temples of Muruga - across the globe, with special emphasis on the arupadai veedu group of shrines. It includes specific details like location, legends, purana, mythology, places to stay, festivals, links to other websites etc. on these six most famous temples of Lord Muruga - called Aru padai veedu.

Many of those who migrated away from India, be it the early settlers in South Africa or the tech-savvy migrants to US - the first generation who have lord Murugan in their hearts find it difficult to pass on this spiritual shield to their children who grow up in alien lands.

Keeping this in mind, Cybervalley Systems has brought out a CD-ROM titled ARUPADAIVEEDU - A MULTIMEDIA ECSTASY that can play on all PCs and select VCD players. It is a multimedia title covering a group of six most sacred temples of Lord Muruga - popularly known as Arupadaiveedu - in south India.

With well researched contents, covering vital details like spiritual significance of the place, legends, puranas, history, festivals and spiritual events, this CD ROM presents a detailed coverage of the temple premises. It also exquisitely brings to life, many pujas and utsavams of Lord Karthikeya - like...

- Thiruparamkundram : Soora Samharam, Chariot Festival and Laksha archana (worship to Lord Muruga by hundred thousand names)
- Thiruchendur : Swing Festival (Oonjal Sevai - where Lord Muruga swings with his consort in a highly tranquill atmosphere)
- Palani : The Golden Chariot Festival (A very famous occation in which golden image of the Lord goes around the temple in Gold Plated Chariot)
- Swamimalai : The Soora Vahana Festival (Lord Muruga is seated above the Asura Soorapadhman and is taken around the temple)
- Thiruthani : Mirror Festival (Kannadi Sevai - where the Lord's Six faces are exposed through a mirror and worshipped)
- Pazhamudhircholai : Bathing Festival (Abhishekam - where the Lord's image is bathed in several holy waters, amidst the veda chanting - Sri Rudhram and Chamakam)

Such rare footages produce spiritual ecstasy in one's mind, even if they are viewed repeatedly !

Peace and tranquility are the possible benefits of viewing the CD contents - be it in a group during small functions or alone- in solitude in the background of darkness. For kids- it will be as much fun as watching the cartoons - if only the parents take time to explain the CD contents to their kids with some interest.

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